Alternative Business Funding

Why Fund Through Deaux Bois?

There are compelling reasons why individuals would choose us as their source for business funding:
1) if you’ve been turned down by your bank,
2) if you want to diversify and have relationships with a couple different financial entities,
3) if getting funding quick (1-5 days) is important to you, and
4) if you are looking for a partner who can offer flexibility when structuring your financing.

We offer a wide array of business funding programs including but not limited to working capital loans, unsecured term loans, accounts receivable financing, merchant cash advances, equipment financing, and lines of credit. Our team of experienced financial professionals will provide expert guidance, helping you make a more informed decisions and navigate complexities in the lending landscape.

By relying on us, you’ll save time and effort as we streamline the loan application process, manage communication, and expedite approvals. We take a personalized approach, tailoring financing solutions to meet clients’ unique needs and investment goals.

Recent Deals Funded

Amount: $600,000
Industry: Healthcare Manufacturing 
Term: 18 Months
Location: NC
Time to Fund: 2 Days 
Unique Facts: Client used funds for material and expansion

Amount: $250,000
Industry: Construction
Term: 15 Months
Location: FL
Unique Facts: Client used funds for cash flow and materials

Amount: $750,000
Industry: Telecommunications
Term: 15 Months
Location: TX
Time to Fund: 5 Days
Unique Facts: Client used funds for debt consolidation

Amount: $375,000
Industry: Plumbing
Term: 6 Months
Location: TX
Time to Fund: 3 Days
Unique Facts: Client used funds for consolidation of 2 existing loans

Amount: $1.2 Million
Industry: Wholesale Distributor 
Term: 7 Months
Location: CA
Time to Fund: 6 Days
Unique Facts: Client used funds to purchase a new warehouse